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Explorer Adventure for boundless adventure holidays around the Himalayas, providing, the most exciting and scenic destinations.One of the few companies in Nepal that offers a wide range of adventure activities for all types of travelers.From moderate day hikes to a week or more trekking as well adventurous and challenging treks and climbs.Explorer Adventure was established by a veteran trekking guide Mr. Bam Prasad Magar, who hails from Solu-Khumbu. Born and bred in the close shadow of Mt. Everest and the giant peaks of the

Himalayas.Started the trekking career in early teenage with other renowned local and foreign-based adventure companies.After years of leading countless treks showing the wonders of the Himalayas to wide-world travelers. Mr. Bam Prasad with decades of experience established his own company with a group and expert team of staff and guides.In comparison to the other hundreds of local trekking agencies of Nepal,Explorer Adventure is quite different. Where visitors can enjoy and experience the homely feeling and comfort, joining for various exotic holidays with Explorer Adventure.Trekking with Explorer Adventure where all travelers enjoy money's worth of holidays at an affordable competitive price. Providing excellent service from the moment of arrival to final departures. Where all clients depart from Nepal well contended wearing big smiles, after a joyful and mesmerizing time with Explorer Adventure.Explorer Adventure is a company with a purpose, besides running and organizing successful adventures and cultural holidays.The company also provides help and supports to rural remote villages with various volunteering programs and activities. Where interested visitors can join in and experience more of local cultures, as well supporting the villagers.Explorer Adventure is a company that one can trust for safe and enjoyable holidays around the Himalayas.Looking forward to seeing you all in Nepal soon, for exciting, exotic holidays with one and only Explorer Adventure.


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