Dhulikhel and NamobuddhaDhulikhel and Namobuddha

Dhulikhel and Namobuddha - 1 Day

Dhulikhel & Namabuddha Tour takes you out from the Kathmandu Valley rim approx. 30 km / 19 miles’ distance. A drive of an hour or more depends upon a refreshing stopover, and observing the rural farm village’s activities. The drive leads on the famous Kathmandu and Lhasa / Tibet, China Highway also known as the Arniko Highway. Reaching the Hill Station town of Dhulikhel, located at the height of 1,550 m / 5,086 feet high. A nice moderate town with more than 500 years old history, inhabited by Newari people. 

These are the main indigenous tribes of Kathmandu Valley and beyond, interwoven with Hindu and Buddhist religions. Dhulikhel & Namabuddha Tour, a combination of cultures and ancient religious sites for Buddhist pilgrimage. The first part of the tour leads you to enjoy the artistic skill and urban ethos; of the Newari age-old heritage culture. Dhulikhel is also famous for scenic panoramic views of Himalayan peaks which are seen on tour. As well as staying overnights in lovely luxurious hotels and from the hills of Dhulikhel.

Apart from grand views of snow peaks, the town is adorned with charm and beauty. The streets are lined with bare-brick houses, carved wooden windows, sloping title roofs, pagoda temples, and sacred statues everywhere. Visitors will feel the medieval aura wandering into a cultural theme park.

Staying for a few days in Dhulikhel, enjoy the short hike to its many vantages scenic hills. Which offers a panorama of the Himalayas, overlooking more than 20 Himalayan Peaks in all their glory. Along with striking sunrise and sunsets.

From Dhulikhel the tour extends a day tour to the famous Buddhist pilgrimage site of Namo-Buddha. A very sacred place close to Dhulikhel where the supreme Buddha-at that time still on the path of learning.

Offered his own body without regret to a tigress suffering from great hunger. What follows is a history of the great deeds of humanity on this sacred site. After a glorious and wonderful moment amidst a fresh green environment with a touch of local culture. ´╗┐Along with grand views of Himalayan peaks, and then back to Kathmandu to conclude a marvelous Dhulikhel & Namabuddha Tour. 

Extension Trip for a day or two within Bhaktapur areas:

Old Changu-Nararyan Temple:

The oldest and ancient temple of Nepal Changu Narayan, is located on a high hilltop also called Changu or Dolagiri. The temple area is surrounded by a forest of champak trees and a small Changu village which is north of Bhaktapur.

Changu Narayan Temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Lord Visnu, this temple is considered as the oldest one in Nepal. The pagoda style temple has several masterpieces of 5th to 12th century of excellent Nepalese art.

According to legends Changu Narayan temple existed as early as 325 A.D. in the time of King Licchavi King HariDattaVerma and it is one of Nepal's richest structures historically as well as artistically. In the grounds there is a stone pillar inscription of great importance recording the military exploits of King Man Deva who reigned from 496 A.D. to 524 A.D. The first epigraphic evidence of Nepalese history found in the temple premises during the reign of the Licchavi King Mandeva dating back to 464 A.D.

Proves that temple was already been established as a sacred site in the 3rd century A.D. It is the earliest inscription known in Nepal


A famous and popular viewpoint of Nagarkot which is north of Bhaktapur, a popular tourist spot at an altitude of 2,175 m high, offers stunning sunrise and sunset views over the chain of Himalayan peaks from Manaslu-Ganesh-Langtang-Jugal Himal towards east of Everest range.

A serene town of mostly Tamang ethnic tribe a hill people of Nepal with traditional farm villages and neat terraces fields within pristine woodland of rhododendron-pines-oaks and fir tree lines.

Nagarkot with cool alpine temperatures, is a famous gateway for city folks to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life in the comfort of nice and wonderful lodges, hotels, and resorts where all rooms face beautiful views of snowcapped peaks.

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Dhulikhel and Namobuddha - 1 Day FAQs

  • Dhulikhel Town and its scenic hill regarded as one of the hill stations in Nepal, due to its picturesque location. Where visitors can enjoy the local Newari culture along with grand views of the Himalayan peaks. Staying in the comfort of nice lovely hotels and resorts, facing views of snow mountain range.

  • Yes, Dhulikhel is a prime location for stunning views of sunrise and sunsets, for best look of sunrise. One needs to hike of less than hour to a hill above the town for glorious scenery of the Himalayas with sunrise and sunset views.

  • Certainly visitors with great interest for natural surrounding with rural village farm life. Can stay for few days longer can hike to Namabuddha and then to old farm town of Panauti. The Panauti Town, which is equally fascinating for age-old cultures with interesting farm activities.


  • For Dhulikhel & Namabuddha Tour, can visit all around the seasons of the year.

    But the best time is spring, autumn and winter seasons, when the weather will be mild and perfect. For excellent views and pleasant walk and hike, but cold morning and night time. Rest of the days with sunshine, can get overcast during the late afternoon.

  • Namabuddha revered as a sacred site for all Buddhist followers, as well for people interest in Buddhism. Considered as one of the most holy site for pilgrimage and worship, amidst tranquil environment of beautiful woods.