Why Join with Us?

  • It is truly a good point and remarks before booking and joining adventure or cultural holiday destinations in and around Himalayan countries, where hundreds of local and abroad travel agents offers similar types of itineraries and programs, to end the curiosity we are one step ahead than many other companies and with a difference in serving our guests and clients.

    Our company at present stands as one of the rising and renowned local adventure and travel agents, our services provided to our guests always highly appreciated that makes Explorer Adventure in action and moving for more than a decade since it was established by group of professional tourism expertise.
  • Explorer Adventure a full time member of many Government and Non-Government organization related to tourism, we are well known as tourism operators recognized by Nepal Government Tourism Board, officially registrar and licensed by concern Government Department.

    Explorer Adventure affiliated with TAAN (Trekking Agents Association of Nepal) NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association) PAC (Porters Acts) and as well with other organization related with Eco-Tourism and Responsible Tourism.  
  • One of the many reasons that make Explorer Adventure on top is our team of professional staff and guides with decades of experience in adventure to cultural tourism, where clients are fully satisfied with wide information provided by our guides.
  • Our field and office staffs are fully committed with determination fulfilling client’s comfort and satisfaction throughout the holiday in Nepal as well other Himalayan countries with us.

    Explorer Adventure staff and guides are expert in related fields with good knowledge in medical and First Aid know-how which makes every trip safe and secure with us.
  • Depending upon the high and low seasons of tourism and trekking in Nepal and other Himalaya destination we offer seasonal discount as per your interest and choice of programs that listed in our home page.

We also provide discount on number of people in one group with more than 10 to 12 pax or above. All trip prices are reasonable and affordable, offering money-worth of holidays that makes Explorer Adventure a desirable local company.