Responsible Eco Tourism

Explorer Adventure fully committed to Responsible and Eco Tourism, saving its pristine environment from destruction and spreading information to far flung corners of Himalaya with good words on maintaining and balancing tourism as well keeping the local environment clean and healthy.
Our main job is promoting Responsible and Eco Tourism around rural farm villages and towns with safe clean drinking water, safe maintain walking trails, litter free areas with toilets as proper designated places away from rivers and streams.
We inform and advice all our clients with the motto leave nothing but your foot prints in all our well planned and highly trekked destinations around Himalaya region.
On treks reminding our fellow customers to be safe and well prepared as well respecting the local culture and age-old heritage way of life of the villagers on route, taking photographs of locals after getting permission and enjoy the local traditions as it was since past hundred of centuries, with dress conduct entering into Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries as well.
Our guide will inform you ahead of history, culture and religion so that you will be fully aware what to expect before you reach the location fully prepared, walk with care not disturbing its serene surroundings and wild-life that one might encounter on walks.
Allowing much time for yourself where guides will show you the wonders of Himalaya and as well supporting our scheme of healthy and clean environment on Responsible and Eco Tourism.

For trekkers minimize the use of plastic bottles or food wrappers, and dispose of litter in the right disposable place. On leaving the country take the memories of Nepal as well the used batteries with you. 

While on the trek our guide will inform the trekkers of the local culture and rules entering the temples and monasteries. Especially for mountaineers climbing trekking peaks or major mountains, the camp should be pristine as it were. Collecting all garbage to hand over to the concerned garbage committee or at proper disposal places.