People and culture of Annapurna Himalayan region.

The Annapurna Himalayan region is mostly populated by the Gurung tribes, also known as Ghale. The southern hills of Annapurna are from Ghandruk, and Chomrong villages as well as far to Lamjung district, where Gurung settlements are located.

The lower foothills are mixed tribes of people Gurung, Magar, Chettries and Brahman, and Dalit. Includes both Hindu and Buddhism religions are interwoven with various tribal cultures. From Mid to higher Hills most villages are inhabited by the Gurung people the ethnic tribes of Annapurna and Mid-West Nepal. 

Follows Buddhism religion, as well their ancient cult of Bon (pre-Buddhism) worship of nature and mountain spirits. The Gurung also practice Shamanism as a practitioner (shamans) wading healing people from the evil spirit.

Every house of Gurung is adorned with Buddhist prayer flags and follows Buddhist rituals having its own Buddhist Lama or priest. Gurung also called Tamu celebrates its own New Year called Tamu Losar as the beginning of a New Year.  

But west of the Annapurna region a majority of Poon people of the Magar Hill tribe spread all across the country. Mainly around the Western Himalayan Hills practice both Hindu and Buddhism religions.

The Gurung and Magar are also known as the Gorkha. Where most menfolk are recruited in the foreign legion as Gorkha soldiers in the Indian, British, and Nepal Army. The Gurung and Magar are mostly dependent upon farm activities and raising livestock.