People and culture of Annapurna Area of Ghorepani:

The native of the southern hills of the Annapurna Himalayas from Ulleri and Ghorepani villages are populated by Poon / Magar tribe. The main inhabitants of Western Nepal and part of the Annapurna region, a hill tribe and farmers.

As well as raising livestock of domesticated cattle, where the menfolk are famous as courageous Gorkha. Recruited in the British, Indian, and Nepal as a noble and obedient soldier, well known around the world as the famous brave Gorkha.

The Ghorepani is located on the high hills of the Annapurna Himalayas at 2,880 m with a famous viewpoint Poon Hill. A popular moderate short trekking destination for striking sunrise views over a chain of Himalayan peaks. Located amidst beautiful rhododendron and pine forest, the place is lively during springtime. When wildflowers are in the full bloom of different colors and species.

The Poon, Magar follows both cultures of Hindu and Buddhism religions, as well as their own traditional heritage custom and festivals.