Nepal Mid West Himalaya Region

Adventure around remote and isolated destination offering super panorama of mountains

Nepal Mid West Himalaya range, where travelers can choose various exotic mountain destinations which leads you away from human life and villages for few days in complete
serenity of wilderness within mountains and high green hills, walk leads you to explore remote rural farm villages untouched by outside world of modern civilization in this wonderful adventure to Nepal Mid West Himalaya range.

Travelers must have trekking on popular mainstream trekking areas, where this adventure lead you into complete serene and tranquil areas with daily views of snow clad peaks of Mid West Himalaya with Manaslu and Ganesh Himal massive range of mountains on the off beaten and forgotten trails.

Nepal Mid West Himalaya range will be a perfect adventure holidays for all types of people where trekkers and adventurer seldom ventures around this far flung corners of central and mid west Himalaya region, where Explorer Adventure leads you into exciting destinations of more than two weeks duration in ambiance and undisturbed, untouched areas by other trekkers.
We offer great trek Manaslu Circuit, Tsum Valley and around Ganesh Himal where you will certainly enjoy being in complete pristine environment with tremendous scenery of mountain panorama.



Manaslu is a fresh new destination for outside visitors, which was closed for many decades as a forbidden country. But it flung its door open from 1992 onwards, where the villages and their cultures remain the same. 

As it were for hundreds of centuries, where trekkers can observe the impressive age-old heritage custom.

The Upper Manaslu, people have immense traditional cultures similar to their Tibetan predecessors. The high country of Manaslu remains pristine as it was since the early days. Which makes the Manaslu region one of the most favorite adventure destinations due to its great landscapes and diversity.

Where trekkers can experience walking from low warm paddy fields to cooler alpine hills covered in a beautiful forest. As the walk progresses reaching towards an arctic zone of remorseless fields of ice and glaciers. Manaslu Region offers marvelous adventure, located in Nepal Mid-West around Mansri Himal, with the world’s 8th high Mt. Manaslu; towering high at 8,163 m / 26, 781 feet. 

Mt. Manaslu's first ascent was on May 09th, 1956 summited by a Japanese Expedition with the support of Nepalese Mountaineering Sherpa guides. 

 The views of snow-capped peaks remain constant throughout the treks, in the harmony with the lovely Manaslu people's traditional hospitality. 

Which makes Manaslu one of the desired adventure destinations around Nepal Himalayas.


 It is obvious changes do take place as the years go by since it was opened for foreign visitors. As well from the influx of trekkers from 1992 till the present, the changes are not much compared to other mainstream. 

The views of spectacular surrounding towering peaks and rocky hills are the same, as well as the people and the cultures. The only few changes are the construction of motorable roads which have extended from Arughat town towards Machha-Khola.

In a few year time, the road will reach as far as Jagat village or further. 

The other changes are Tea House and lodges have been built in many good places for the comfort of trekkers. The standard of lodges and guesthouses is getting much better than it was last few decades ago.

As well as the facilities of hydroelectricity in most villages with solar power in smaller settlements. The modern Hi-Tec of the Internet and telecommunication has spread around every nook and corner. 

Many lodges with good restaurants serving a wide range of comprehensive food menu, as well the volume of trekkers have increased. At present Manaslu Circuit trek and the Mountaineering Expedition to Mt. Manaslu is getting more popular in the last few years.

The facilities for travelers are getting much better than it was before in the early years, along with good changes. The price has gone up for the Manaslu Circuit trek as well as the wages of porters and guides. Including the permit fees for the trek around the Manaslu region. The living standard has gone up of the villagers with the flow of trekkers and mountaineers around the Manaslu region.  


The best time for Manaslu Circuit trekking is spring from mid-March to May, most days are fine and clear. Days are much longer along with sun-shine hours, the mid-hills are lively with wildflowers in seasonal bloom.

Especially, rhododendron the national flower of Nepal can be seen walking amidst forest surroundings. Higher up the morning and nights, times are much cooler, and chances of snowfall sometimes during the trek.

The next best time is autumn/fall starts from September till November, days are clear for views and walks. But cold morning and late afternoon till night time, days are much short due to sunlight hours. Can expect snow around the higher region, from Lo-Gaon, Sama-Gaon to Larke-La Pass to Dharapani village.


Upper Manaslu falls within the Restricted Area of Nepal, where all foreign visitors require a Special Permit. As well as MCA and ACAP (Manaslu Conservation Area & Annapurna Conservation Area Project) entry fees. Two conservation fees for both regions, as the trek leads to the Manang area after crossing the Larke-La pass.

The Upper Manaslu was closed to outside visitors, opened from 1992 onwards, and remains a restricted area. This is to control and limit the mass flow of trekkers to preserve its pristine environment. 

The other reason is the route of the Manaslu Circuit also falls on the trail to Tibet / China border.


Like any other adventure trek around the Himalayas, Nepal is a country of many ups and downhill. When planning for Manaslu circuit trekking, first of all, stay fit with some easy exercise walking, and jogging for an hour. Any type of outdoor physical exercise, as well as walking ups and down the steps. As well as checking your health with doctors or medical experts, and gathering much information on Manaslu Circuit trekking trails. It will be good to know beforehand the local cultures of Nepalese and Manaslu people. The other preparation is buying and packing the right gear for the trek, as per the list provided by respective agents. 

Clothing and preparation season-wise for Manaslu Circuit Trekking, and last but the least buying medical and travel insurance. Before or after booking the trek choose the right airlines that connect to Kathmandu.

As well as obtaining a Nepal entry visa either in the home country or one can get on arrival at the airport in Kathmandu airport.


Travel and Medical Insurance are a must, very important, especially visiting the high Himalayan country like Nepal and Manaslu Circuit. Travel Insurance in case of bad unfavorable weather conditions. Sometimes the trek has to be re-routed or delayed, which can lead to cancellation due to landslides, avalanches and broken trails, or political situations. 

In this situation which rarely happens but needs to be on the safe side. Where your travel insurance comes in handy to get reimbursed extra money incurred due to the above cause and situation. 

Medical Insurance applies if someone gets very sick due to various illnesses like AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness). Due to sickness or sudden accidents, where trekkers cannot continue the trek and have to break the journey.

A very sick person needs to be evacuated as fast as possible by any means of transportation including Helicopter service. For all extra medical bills and private transportation or using the helicopter services. Where your Medical Insurance can cover some of the expenses incurred.


In most large villages after spending their first overnight stops at Machha-Khola, the lodge accommodation are basic with clean rooms. 

The village of Jagat, Namrung, Lo, and Sama Gaon villages has good lodges with attached baths or common toilets.

Having facilities of electricity and internet or Wi-Fi with large warm dining rooms, but from Sama-Gaon to Samdo and a few smaller villages and settlements. The lodge accommodation is simple with clean smaller rooms with beds and little furniture. Throughout the trek staying in a good or simple lodge, trekkers need to carry sleeping bags for one’s comfort and hygiene. Most lodge accommodations are perfect for a few overnight stops. At the base of Larke-La in Dharmasala a small place with only a few lodges for overnight accommodations. During high and peak times sometimes the trekkers have to spend overnights in tents that are large and spacious.     


The foods according to places, in most large villages and settlements the foods are nice serving comprehensive food menu. A long list of foods from snacks to the main course of Continental, Chinese, Indian, Tibetan, and Nepal foods, the famous Dal / Bhat. Some lodge restaurants also have fresh bakery products, the most popular meals are fried or noodle soup, and plain or fried rice. Served with either fresh seasonal vegetables or meats (chicken, buffalo, or yaks if available).

Fresh fruits are limited, but apples are popular around the higher region of Manaslu and Manang. Trekkers can ask for canned or tinned fruits, as well as simple desserts after the main meal. 


Safe drinking water depends upon the trekker’s requirement, but the norms and rules, to fight the high altitude sickness. Is to drink plenty of fluid, mainly clean water of 2 liters per day, as per the hours of walking and altitude wise.

Safe drinking water is available in every village's lodge and restaurants, either boiled/filtered. Which is the best, some trekkers carried purification tables or iodine, which is good but it kills the taste of the water. One can buy bottled water, but most trekking guides discourage it, due to garbage of plastic bottles, unless it is recycled.

As with every trekking agency guides are well-informed regarding Eco Trekking or Responsible Tourism. Where plastic bottles can be a big issue unless one is desperate to buy them, due to illness or cause from dehydration. Bottled water is quite expensive as you reach higher ground, the best is to buy boiled and filtered water at a reasonable price per liter wise.  


Manaslu area is a restricted area, all foreign visitors need special permits and a minimum of 2-3 people for Manaslu Circuit. Where an individual or solo trekkers are not allowed, all group of trekkers needs to book with reliable and Government Registered Trekking Agencies.

the trekkers must be accompanied by Government Licensed guide from the local good trekking companies. Where all guides and porters need to be insured by related local trekking agencies. The porters and guides are all fixed by the local company on booking the trek to Manaslu.