About Us

Explorer Adventure Pvt. Ltd, a name and a company of great quality providing you with immense money worth of holidays at affordable prices. Our wide ranges of packages and services favor the best experience of tour services for travelers from around the globe. We put extra effort into making your dreams and holiday in Nepal, the country of great Himalayas, more enjoyable and delightful than any other local companies can offer. Join us for an amazing journey and experience of true beauty and lifestyle of Nepal.

‘An adventure company for quality services and safe, enjoyable holidays.’

Explorer Adventure, although a new adventure native company of Nepal established a decade ago, with expert teams of staff and guides to manage and operate all types of holidays in and around Himalaya Nepal-Tibet and Bhutan.

Explorer Adventure is a rising young company committed to providing the best quality services when it comes to tour and trek. The company is doing miracles in making our clients and customers feel safe with homely and friendly hospitality of the staff and guides, offering you with wide information and knowledge of the areas of travel while you are with us.

Mr. Bam Prasad Magar who have led countless of treks and adventure throughout Himalaya region during his two decades of experience as trekking and mountain guide leading wide world travelers, with his professional skill and vast knowledge of the country. After working and gaining much experience from other major companies of Nepal and aboard agents, he then established his own Explorer Adventure to offer excellent quality services at reasonable and affordable price. With the aim of providing a memorable and enjoyable holiday in Nepal that clients joining with us will never forget, this company facilitates all important tour services and guidance/counseling.

Explorer Adventure besides running and organizing varied trekking services in Nepal and other Himalayan countries, we also support local communities and poor rural villages. This includes local school offering volunteering and financial help for health-hygiene- clean water, maintaining villages and mountain trails and as well as protecting the pristine natural surrounding and saving green forests from destruction.

When you join with us you arrive as our valuable guest and then depart the country, Nepal with a happy smile. You will be remembered as a good friend of Explorer Adventure and Nepalese with the urge to come back for more exciting tours and holidays with us.

Get Trekked with Explorer Adventure!!!!!!!!!