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Everest Base Camp Trek by drive, without a flight to Lukla, is the safest course to visit Everest Base Camp (EBC). In Nepal, there are two or three routes to visit the headquarters of Mount Everest. Many individuals start their Everest trek from Lukla after flying from Kathmandu to Lukla. Yet, the Lukla course frequently gets upset by the inconsistencies of the trip because of the climate. In any terrible weather pattern, the Lukla flight has a deep level of crossing out conceivable outcomes, and it makes an extraordinary migraine for each traveler. To be protected from this issue, We (Explorer Adventure) have presented the newest package of Express Everest Base Camp Trek by the drive.

Express Everest Base Camp Trek by the drive is protected and more beautiful than the conventional course that begins from Lukla. There are a few benefits likewise following the driving path. In this course, you start traveling from the marsh 'Salleri' and afterward go through towns of different clans like Sherpa, Brahmins, Chhetris, and Rai to enter the elevated zone. Consequently, you will get a lot of chances to be accustomed to the mountain climate; hence there will be a low probability of you experiencing altitude sickness. 

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Overview: Everest Base Camp Trek by Drive 

Khari Khola to Everest  Base Camp trek is an elective method of the Lukla flight. The Nepal government has recently built a jeep street from Kathmandu to Khari Khola. The Khari Khola to EBC trek without traveling to the hazardous Lukla air terminal. Khari Khola Everest Base Camp trek is the best available Everest traveling course with keeping away from air transport. The closest jeep station from the Lukla air terminal is Khari Khola, a drawn-out day journey. Around 30 Km, a long way from Lukla and around 305 Kilometres from Kathmandu. It is approximately a 12 hours drive from Kathmandu to Khari Khola. There is a decent street from Kathmandu to Phaplu, and it's a smooth drive on the mountain landscape. The downpour and avalanche could influence the driving past the Phaplu to Khari Khola.

A 14-day Khari Khola Everest headquarters journey spread into the subtropical trans-Himalaya environmental zone. From Khari, Khola treks across different scenes and experiences blended with Nepalese culture. Everest Trek from Khari Khola uncovered uncommon views of varying mountain territories. Additionally, get opportunities to partake in the regular excellence and beguiling Buddhist culture. Khari Khola Everest Base Camp journey course starts from Kathmandu with an entire day's drive. The extensive campaign gives a decent perspective on the Koshi waterway, mountain vista, and elite scenes.

Further, certain individuals dread traveling to Lukla as it is perhaps the riskiest air terminal on the planet. If you follow the course of Everest Base Camp Trek by drive, you will avoid the psychological issue of the Lukla flight. Also, the path of the EBC Trek by the drive is enhanced. In the ordinary Lukla to EBC journey, you have only an emotionally elevated view and a steady scenery of icy mountains. Paradoxically, the journey of Khari Khola to Everest Base Camp gives more vibrant towns of various ethnic gatherings, a green Hillary landscape, and a hotter climate alongside mountain sees. This makes your movement remarkable and a lifetime.

Conclusion: EBC Trek Without Lukla Flight

The journey to the Everest Base Camp (EBC Trek) without the Lukla flight is one of the most thrilling encounters one can have in their life. It is a crooked path with snow-covered mountains behind the scenes. Plenty of travel lovers all around the world have effectively finished this trek. Once in a while, the unusual weather patterns and the high elevation might thwart you from completely partaking in the climb. Yet, it is very sensible with a couple of safeguards and readiness. Along these lines, anybody can complete this famous journey if one arranges, plans, and packs appropriately.



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