Mt Manaslu Circuit Trekking

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‘Adventure around world 8th highest mountains crossing high Larke-La pass’

Mt. Manaslu trekking where walk leads you around both sides of scenic Manaslu range of peaks that includes Bouddha and Himal-Chuli with lesser smaller mountains that makes massive Manaslu Himalaya.

Mt. Manaslu trekking area located Nepal Far North Mid-West Himalaya in between great Annapurna Himalaya and Ganesh Himal range, where walk takes you from low sub-tropical farm and agriculture areas of Gorkha district to reach cooler alpine hills and towards arctic zone of ice and glaciers to the end of Manaslu valley rim at Larke-La pass.

Mt. Manaslu trekking an adventure that leads to traverse from Manaslu valley and Gorkha area to reach other side of Larke-la pass at Manang district where trail meets famous and popular route of Annapurna circuit.

Journey to Mt. Manaslu and its high valley starts with exciting overland drives from the capital Kathmandu to reach at warmer areas of Gorkha at Arughat a large farm town located on side of Burigandaki River.

Walk begins heading towards north past villages of Soti-Khola, Machha-Khola (khola for fresh running streams), where climb leads to cooler alpine zone as temperatures changes to cooler climate and into lovely forest of tall rhododendron-pines-magnolia and fir tree lines.

As journey continues past nice villages of Jagat, Philim to reach within strong Buddhism cultural areas at high Manaslu valley enclosed within stunning views of high snow capped mountains where scenery includes massive Ganesh Himal in the east with Boudhha, Himal-Chuli and main peak of Manaslu at close direction from Lo and Sama-Gaon.

Manaslu treks offers flexible spare and rest day at Sama-Gaon for acclimatization before venturing higher areas towards Larke-La Pass which is at 5,106 m and 16,849 ft high, where one can enjoy marvelous panorama of high mountains that surrounds you at the top.

After a tough steep climb to the top of Larke-La where long descend takes you back into green forest on reaching at Bhimthang within Manang area and then on winding scenic path to a road-head at Dharapani village, where interesting drive takes you back at Kathmandu, on enjoying marvelous and fascinating moments on Mt. Manaslu Trekking.

People and Culture:


Nepal Mid West where culture and people of various tribes and religions with practice of age-old custom, lower warmer area mostly populated by Hindu Brahmins, Chettries and Dalits, with some Magar and Gurung people the hill tribe of the area.

As walk leads higher to mid hills encountering villages with more Buddhism culture and custom where higher Manaslu people are of Tibetan origin as the route to Tibet border is within reach from Manaslu valley.

Where strong trade and bartering used to take place in early days at present exchange of goods still exists but in smaller number.

Best Seasons:   

manaslu trekking

Best season for Manaslu trekking from March to May and September to November months, March to May with clear fine morning till mid afternoon for views and walks where mid hills are lively with wild-flowers in full bloom.

Chances of rains and snow sometimes, where September to November another good times for trek around Manaslu when most of the days are clear for views, but with short sun-light due to autumn / fall season.

Higher areas where snow can be expected sometimes from above 2,000 m high and onward including Larke-La pass.

Route to Manaslu Trekking:

Manaslu trekking where overland journey involves before and after the trek, where route follows Burigandaki River upstream close to glacial source fed from the peaks of Manaslu range.

Most trekking is done clock-wise from Arughat, Soti-Khola to Larke Phedi and over the pass of Larke-La to reach the end of the walk at Dharapani village.

Few adventurer and trekkers seldom use anti-clockwise from Dharapani to reach over Larke-La pass and downhill to Arughat town.

The other route combination of both Mid-West trekking destinations Manaslu  and Tsum Valley where route branches from above Jagat village and then joining back again at near Lokpa and continue walk towards Sama-Gaon and beyond.

Short information on Manaslu Trekking: 


Manaslu Trekking leads you around world 8th highest Mt. Manaslu which stands at the height of 8,163 m and 26, 781 ft first climbed by Japanese Expeditions in May 9th 1956 lead by T. Imamishi, K, Kato, M, Higeta with Nepalese Gyalzen Norbu Sherpa.

The area around Manaslu was closed and still remains as restricted region, the place was closed for outside visitors for long period been opened since last few decades now all interested trekkers can visit the country and observe great natural beauty enriched with colorful culture and age-old heritage custom of Tibetan Buddhism.

Manaslu area where trekkers have to obtain special permit at extra cost than normal trekking permits as it falls within restricted area, due to its closeness with Tibet border.

Local people of Manaslu still use the trade route of Nepal and Tibet ancient Trans Himalaya Salt and Caravan Trail which you can witness around the villages from Lo-Gaon to Samdu villages.


larke pass

Manaslu area located within North Mid-West around Gorkha district of central Nepal, where drive leads from Kathmandu to reach Arughat town and beyond to Soti-Khola village.

The other route from Kathmandu driving through Dhading district to reach at Gorkha area, on completing the trek around Manaslu where it ends at Manang district in Dharapani village where drive leads following Marysangdi River downstream to reach Lamjung area at Besisar, headquarter of Lamjung district and then on good road back to Kathmandu or one can reach Pokhara.



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