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To investigate the full glory of the radiant Himalayas and unique Buddhist societies, no preferred visit could you at any point find over a Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour. Covering the best three Himalayan Kingdoms together, these legendary weeks-long trips will take you to encounter intense Buddhist culture in various Himalayan locales and see the heavenly magnificence of Mount Everest from two sides.

Nepal-Tibet-Bhutan (Multi Country) Tour Package bundle allows you to explore and experience three extremely great nations with charming Himalayan areas. This bundle consolidates the profound country of Nepal, the roof of the world Tibet, and the mysterious Bhutan. The Nepalese, Tibetan, and Bhutanese individuals have safeguarded their hallowed legacy and culturally rich identity for quite a long time and have set an example of perfectly conserved heritage. From the classical photography tours to Off the beaten path trek, our Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan travel bundles offer you more choices to investigate culture and history in these enchanting and partake in the tranquil way of life of Himalayan Shangri-La.


Multi-Country Tour (Nepal Tibet Bhutan) Package

Explorer Nepal Tour Package

Nepal is wealthy in its impressive legacy, sanctuaries, historical destinations, and regular magnificence. Nepal's three most famous places include the -Kathmandu Valley, Pokhara, and Chitwan National Park. In the wonderful Kathmandu Valley, you will visit the beautiful sanctuaries and cloisters of the area, which incorporate the UNESCO World Heritage site. You will also get to explore the holiest temples and monasteries and experience the unique Buddhist and Hindu religions of one of the world's most famous mountain destinations. This trip provides a fantastic experience of the encroaching natural excellence and High Mountain views alongside the genuine Nepalese individuals, customs, and culture.

Tibet Explorer Tour Package


Tibet sits on the top of the world, flaunting unrivaled scenery from snow-covered mountains to turquoise lakes and a universe of great Buddhist religious communities. On the Tibet visit, you will investigate the unbelievable Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and Barkhor circuit in the sacred city of Lhasa. Lhasa has been Tibet's prohibited capital city for quite some time which is 12,000 feet high. Walk the explorer trails, climb up to old edge top religious communities, meet a brilliant cluster of individuals, from nomads to lamas, and get a kick out of probably the most magnificent view on the planet. The outing to Tibet is a beautiful trip that opens people to different customs and societies.


Explorer Bhutan Cultural Tour Package

Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, offers an extraordinary experience to people who love the Buddhist country. Here you will visit Paro, Thimphu, and Punakha and briefly examine the rich Bhutanese culture, customs, and way of life. Investigate old cloisters, extraordinary temples, high slope valleys, and Himalaya scenes. You will also climb to Bhutan's most popular cloister, the Tigger's Nest Monastery. Alongside all of it, you’ll have an opportunity to get identify Bhutanese locals, who are known to be the most joyful individuals on the planet, and to observe the lifestyle in Bhutan.

Multi-Country (Nepal Tibetan Bhutan) Trip


Heading to Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan trip is a lifetime experience in the baffling and charming Himalayan districts. Found near one another, the three Himalayan destinations bring their novel features and encounters to the table. Sitting on top of the world, Tibet flaunts unparalleled natural views from snow-covered mountains to turquoise lakes and a cosmic system of palatial Buddhist religious communities. Nepal, gladly known as the travelers’ heaven, is the home to eight of the world's ten tallest pinnacles. While in Bhutan, the last Shangri-La in Asia, one can without a doubt feel harmony and quiet through its pleasant, peaceful scene and traditional Buddhist culture.

Visits to Tibet and Bhutan from Nepal in a solitary trip could assist with limiting your movement cost and experience the various societies and chronicles of every country in the briefest time conceivable. As we are accomplished in coordinating Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour Packages, we offer the best and most reasonable outing schedule with cutthroat costs for any age, from the youth to older individuals (senior residents).

Multi-Country Tour (Nepal Tibet Bhutan) let you cause to notice the social features of these Himalayan nations. These three Himalayan destinations are best known for their hypnotizing society, Buddhist mysticism, and wealth of history. Investigate these high terrains possessed by mountain networks with fascinating cultures and find the slopes and valleys of every country. The Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour Package is an excellent unification of social excellence and climbing experiences.

Conclusion: Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour Package

From the great perspectives on Mt. Everest as you fly to Bhutan to the staggering sights of the Dochula Pass, experience the quietness of Buddhist cloisters and the fantastic view of this mountain realm. Be moved by the glow of its kin and marvel at the remarkable locals and capacities of the design and the longing to make a peaceful and enchanted realm. From the forested heaps of Bhutan, watch the landscape change to the desolate slopes of Tibet. Here the Potala Palace clears up to the sky and the emanation of harmony swarms this strict Buddhist sanctuary high up in the Himalayas. Be roused by the tranquility of individuals and the staggering greatness of the unmistakable and wonderful open country.

Ultimately, dive into the clamor and mixed assortment of the Kathmandu Valley. Visit the traditional Thamel shopping marketplace, and see the wide range of parts of Nepalese life as you investigate and partake in the enthusiasm and exercises that mark this fascinating spot. Finish up your trip with the excitement of a wilderness experience somewhere down in the wildernesses of Chitwan. You will leave away with recollections to last a daily existence time. Himalayan Dreams for an extraordinary excursion!



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