Nepal Mid-West Region

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‘adventure around Nepal Far North Mid-West within high mountains and immense culture’

Nepal Mid-West Region, one of the best and spectacular adventure destinations where you will be walking around remote and isolated villages of great impressive culture and heritage.

Most of the popular and famous trekking and other adventure concentrated around Annapurna-Everest and Langtang Himalaya range, on this region of Nepal Far North Mid-West where you will be completely within pristine wilderness away from major towns and villages.

A different and scenic destinations around Nepal Mid-West Region, where few trekkers and adventurer often visits this remote and far flung areas of Nepal Mid-West Himalaya, where walks leads you from sub-tropical to cooler zone covered within green vegetations and tall rhododendron-magnolia-oaks-hemlocks and pines tree lines.

As walks proceeds encounter rural farm villages within backdrop of giant peaks of Manaslu range with massive Ganesh Himal and as far towards Lamjung and Annapurna Himalaya, soaking in with local age-old culture of ancient heritage custom and traditions interwoven with Tibetan Buddhism.

Truly an amazing country to explore and visit once in your lifetime experience with adventure walking over ice and snow in some areas of far Nepal Mid-West like around Manaslu which involves crossing high and scenic Larke-La pass at above  5,106 m and 16,849 ft high rewards you with tremendous views of surrounding giant mountains.

Nepal Mid West Region offers varied culture and scenery from low warm paddy fields to cooler alpine zone and towards remorseless fields of ice and snow, with enjoyable and mesmerizing times in the harmony of local culture and visiting its monasteries of great interest.

A marvelous walk where drive leads you to starting point of trek, and then walking from minimum four hours to maximum 7-8 hours sometimes, where high pass involves and in snow condition taking longer hours to reach respective destinations and overnight halts.

Most of the adventure which involves staying in local Lodges which is known as Tea-House in earlier days, at present much of the lodges on route improved with better facilities with clean rooms and warm lively dining halls and bath rooms having hot and cold showers, serving good foods as per the menu and season wise.

Nepal Mid West Region offers various remote adventure some are quite popular and others on less frequented corners into total isolation within tranquil surrounding of mountains and green high hills.

Around Manaslu Trekking:

Around Manaslu Trekking

At present Around Manaslu Trekking is getting much popular every season where walk leads from low warm farm fields to cooler zone within forested areas to reach at high and scenic Manaslu valley with nice villages of Bhi, Lo and Sama-Gaon, which is quite close to Tibet border.

Once a forbidden and restricted area have been opened for trekkers and explorer last three decades where walk leads you over high Larke-La pass to reach Manang areas within route of famous Annapurna circuit trail at Dharapani village where trek ends with a drive back to Kathmandu.

Tsum Valley Trekking:

Tsum Valley Trekking

Tsum also known as valley of happiness comes from old Tibetan languages Beyul Kyimolung, certainly a wonderful country to be, Tsum valley lies hidden between massive peaks of Ganesh also called Yangra, with Manaslu mountain range the other native name for Manaslu is ‘Kutung’.

One of the least traveled country by outside trekkers due to its remoteness in the far flung corners of high Gorkha district close un-route to Tibet border, on this trek for few days on same route of Manaslu, and then heading further east beyond Bhuri-Gandaki to reach at Mu Gompa, the highest spot at 3,700 m and 12,139 ft.

This beautiful spot enclosed within high mountains after an interesting time around heading back on the same trail to lower areas of Gorkha with drive back to Kathmandu.

Ganesh Himal Trekking:

Ganesh Himal Trekking

Ganesh Himal Trekking located within North Mid-West sandwiched between Langtang and Manaslu Himalaya range of peaks, one of the least explored areas by trekkers and adventurer where walks lead to remote areas of Gorkha and Dhading district into pure pristine wilderness.

Entering into deep forested areas, where camping is involved due to its remoteness and away from villages for some days reaching at the highest point Pansang Bhanjyang above 3,850 offers excellent panorama of Ganesh-Manaslu-Langtang as far towards Annapurna Himalaya range.

After a lovely moment in complete tranquil surrounding where walks leads to alternative route either walk towards Langtang area at Rasuwa district or descend to warmer lower areas of Nuwakot district at Trisuli Bazaar, where a scenic drive reaches you back at Kathmandu.

People and Culture:

People and Culture

Around Nepal Mid-West the mid hills populated by Tamang people of Buddhist religion and culture, lower areas with Magar-Chettries and Brahmin of Hindu, higher north around Tsum and Manaslu areas, where people are of Tibetan origin with same strong influence in culture and custom of Buddhism.

Best Seasons for Nepal Mid-West Trekking:

Nepal Mid-West Trekking

March to May and September to November months will be the right and pleasant months to visit the areas around Nepal Mid-West.

On mid hills covered within green forest where March to May will be in flowering seasons with wild flowers like rhododendron and magnolia will be in bloom, turning the hills alive with bright colors from seasonal flowers.

Morning and mid afternoon mostly clear with sunshine can be cloudy sometimes with some rains and snow on walks.

September to November one of the best time for clear views of mountains and pleasant walks, where days are shorter with sun-light, can be cold morning and night time encountering hails and snow sometimes, as per altitude wise.



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