Top 11 Sherpa Foods You Must try on EBC Trek: Don't Miss

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Everest Base Camp is one of the best trekking destinations in Nepal. This destination is filled with breathtaking views of Mount Everest. Along with this, the Everest Base Camp is also filled with the heartwarming Sherpa Culture as well. Not only is the Sherpa culture warm and heartwarming but so is the food. We talk about the breathtaking scenery a lot. But how about we talk about the heartwarming food for now? 

So, let's talk about the top 11 Sherpa foods must to try in the Everest Base Camp Trek (EBC Trek) for an unforgettable trek. With this in mind, let's get started with the Foods! 

Shakpa / Syapka / Shyakpa / Tibetan Stew

shakpa tibetan food

Source: ECS
Although there are many ways to say and write this dish, in its essence, Shakpa is a sherpa stew with noodles. It contains either round and thick or flat squares of homemade noodles. On the soup portion of this stew, Shakpa includes locally grown ingredients. This can include onion, potato, spinach, and carrots. Furthermore, you can add the spices as you want. The exact ingredients vary depending on the vegetables available. 

Where to Get

Shakpa / Syapka / Shyakpa / Tibetan Stew is a local and popular Sherpa dish that you can get in just about every hotel and lodge. It is a hearty meal, and it keeps your body warm. 

Sherpa Momo

sherpa food sherpa momo

Source: Sherpa Foods
Momo is a nationwide popular dish. As you may already know, it is a dumpling that features meat, tofu, or vegetable stuffings. The dumpling is made out of all-purpose flour. Although these stuffed dumplings are generally steamed, you can find many varieties of Momo. This includes pan-fried and deep-fried Momo. The difference between regular Momo and Sherpa momo is in the spices. The Sherpas use local spices, and it is accompanied by local soup momo. 

Where to Get

As a favorite dish of Nepal, you can find Momos just about anywhere in Nepal. This includes Everest Base Camp as well. So, as you may expect, you can find Sherpa Momo anywhere around the trekking trail. 


chicken thukpa

Source: Awesome Cuisine
When people first hear of Sherpa, Thukpa is one of the first dishes that comes to mind. This simple noodle dish is similar to Syakpa. The difference is in the noodles. Syakpa has square or rectangular noodles, while Thukpa has long, thin noodles as the main ingredients. The noodle is served with warm soup made from vegetables like spring onions, carrots, and chilies. Furthermore, you can also add a bit of meat to the soup for added flavor. 

Where to Get

Similar to Momo, Thukpa is a popular dish that you can find just about anywhere in Nepal. This includes several locations in Everest Base Camp. It makes a perfect lunch, and it is served on the trails. 


tsampa tibetan food

Source: NPR
Tsampa is an old cultural Sherpa Dish. This dish is essentially a locally roasted barley flour. Therefore, it can be prepared easily. Because of its nutritious and filling nature, Tsampa is perfectly suited for the mountainous Everest regions. Furthermore, you can have the dry Tsampa or make a porridge (Cham-dur) by adding salt, butter, and tea/ milk/ hot water. 

Where to Get

As an easy and simple dish, you can get Tsampa just about anywhere in the Everest Base Camp trekking area. This includes most of the lodges along the trekking route. If you want a healthy alternative, then Tsampa is one of the best options for you.          

Rilduk / Rildok

rikduk sherpa food

Source: Nirmalas Delight
Rilduk or Rildok is a traditional Sherpa soup filled with mashed potato dumplings. This soup is made by pounding boiled potatoes with a heavy pestle in a wooden mortar. Then, this sticky mass is squeezed into small dumplings and cooked with a soup. While this is the basic form of the Rilduk, you can add several spices and herbs to the soup to enhance the taste of the dish. It is one of the best choices for the light meals on the trek. 

Where to get

You can get this dish in local eateries in the lower Solukhumbu areas, like Salleri, Phaplum, and Chiwang. It gets rarer as you reach a higher altitude. 

Riki Kur

riki kur sherpa food

Source: The Gundruk
Riki Kur is a typical breakfast and is often regarded as the Sherpa Pancake. This breakfast is made by mixing in Potatoes and flour. Both of these are staple crops. Furthermore, the name of this dish literally translates to Potatoes and Flour as the term Riki means potato and Kur means bread. Riki Kur is typically served with yak cheese and/or butter. 

Where to Get

You can get Riki Kur in the lower section of the trails that have potatoes. Additionally, you can get this amazing sherpa food at lodges in the lower section of the Everest Base Camp. Needless to say, Riki Kur is one of the top 11 Sherpa foods to try in the Everest base camp trek (EBC Trek). 

Kur (Tibetan Bread)

kur tibetan bread

Source: Youtube
Kur or Tibetan Break is a staple meal that you can commonly find in Tibetan households. It is a flat, round bread cooked in a frying pan. The primary ingredients used to make Kur are flour dough and baking powder. However, one can skip the baking powder to make this Tibetan flatbread. Although Kur is typically a breakfast material, you can eat it at any time of the day. Kur is often served with butter, jam, vegetable curry, or chili dipping sauce. 

Where to Get

You can find this Tibetan breakfast at most of the lodges in the Everest Base Camp trekking route. This bread is relatively cheap, easy to make, and filling. 

Shyaphale / Sya Phale / Sha Phaley

syaphaley sherpa food

Source: Times Food
Sya Phale is a popular Tibetan dish that is widely loved by Sherpas. This dish is simply bread stuffed with a mix of minced meat, cabbages, and spices. Furthermore, you can also get a pure vegetarian staple as well. The stuffed bread is then deep fried and served with a hot sauce or spicy tomato dippings. 

This is a versatile dish that you can eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

Where to Get

It is hard to find Syaphale in the lodges. However, you can get them around the local stalls and eateries. Therefore, you should go and roam around the local towns and villages to find this amazing Sherpa Dish. 

Su-Chya (Butter Tea)

su chya sherpa food

Source: Food and Wine
Su-Chya is simply butter tea. It is a popular beverage among the Sherpa people, along with the people living in the Himalayas. This dish is made by adding heated butter to the regular tea. Traditionally, the butter and salt were added before transferring them into copper pots. However, in modern times, you can find them in just about any vessel. 

Where to Get

You can find Su Chya in most of the hotels on the Mount Everest Base Camp trekking route. It is a common beverage, and if you want to get the best experience, we recommend you to get this beverage in small local lodges run by Sherpa. 


tingmo sherpa food

Source: Times Food
Tingmo is undoubtedly one of the top 11 Sherpa foods to try in the Mount Everest Base Camp Trek. It is a fluffy steamed bread made from wheat flour dough. In its essence, Tingmo is a steam bun. Although it is a common dish, the bread in itself has a bland taste. Therefore, it is generally served with curry, dipping sauce, or hot drinks. 

Where to Get

You can find Tingmo in a few lodges. However, you can find them easily in local eateries. Therefore, if you want to get the best experience with this dish, you will need to explore the local areas around the local area. 

Chyang / Chhang / Rice Beer

chhang sherpa food

Source: Peepul Tree
No event in the Sherpa community is complete without alcoholic drinks. And chyang, or rice beer, is one of the most common alcoholic beverages out there. This delicious alcoholic drink is made by fermenting steamed rice. This drink has a milky color and is sweet in taste. 

Where to Get

You can find Chyang in many of the locally run small eateries and small lodges. Although it looks innocent, it is an alcoholic drink, after all. Therefore, we suggest you take a drink while descending rather than ascending. 


Everest base camp is undoubtedly one of the best trekking routes for experienced trekkers and hikers. However, no trekking is incomplete without a bit of good food and beverages. The good news about Everest Base Camp Trekking is that you can find many of the good foods and beverages. In this blog, we talked about the top 11 Sherpa foods to try on the Everest Base Camp trek. These foods are hearty, warm, and are perfect for the journey. 

We hope you found this helpful. If you want further insights into various aspects of trekking, do check out some of our other trekking blogs. And if you want to have the best experience trekking in Nepal, remember us at Explorer Adventure. Thank you for reading till the end. 

FAQ on sherpa foods at Everest Base Camp

Q: What are the staple foods in Sherpa cuisine?

A: The staple foods in Sherpa cuisine include tsampa (roasted barley flour), potatoes, rice, lentils, and various types of bread, such as Tibetan bread and momo (dumplings).

Q: Are there any special Sherpa dishes I should try at Everest Base Camp?

A: Yes, you should definitely try Sherpa stew (thukpa), which is a hearty noodle soup often prepared with meat and vegetables. Sherpa tea (butter tea) is also a unique drink to experience.

Q: What's the typical cost of food at Everest Base Camp?

A: Prices can vary but expect to pay more for food at higher altitudes. Meals can range from $5 to $20 or more, depending on the location and type of dish.



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