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Heralding! Great good news to all wide-world travelers that Himalayan country (Nepal) hosting Visit Nepal 2020 year, where all interested visitors to Nepal might get excited that certain norms and rules of Tourism Department will be easier and flexible for travelers to enter Nepal.

During Visit Nepal 2020 year where visitors will be highly received with warm welcome and taking care of each and every group or individual needs to make your stay in Nepal most enjoyable with mesmerizing times in what-ever activities you choose around exotic Himalayan destination of Nepal.

Nepal has always been a famous and most sought country for all types of adventure including cultural and scenic holidays and tours at places of great interest, as for small country Nepal where people can take pleasure and delights in different kinds of holiday programs.

Trekking the number one adventure activities in Nepal as the country captures worlds 8th highest peaks out of 14 major high mountains on this planet, which makes Nepal a number one and premier for various adventure sports activities.


Besides trekking another major activities is mountaineering above 6,500 m to 8,000 meters peaks is another attraction of Nepal drawing world-wide climbers and mountaineers to achieve a life time dreams and experience that only few countries in Asia can offer.

As Nepal an amazing small country tucked in between great giant countries India in the south-west and east with Tibet / China in the north where high Himalaya forms great barrier of the two countries.

Travelers might be curious why travel to Nepal in Visit 2020 year, as this will be a special event for visitors than any other times of the year, while Visit 2020 year is just a welcome sign and gesture, where one can visit Nepal any time of the year at one conveyant times as per your holiday duration.

For interested and keen travelers where most people are unaware that Nepal is one of world's richest countries in terms of bio-diversity, due to unique geographical landscapes with varied altitude range.

Where elevation of the country rise from 60 m above sea level to highest point of earth on top Mt. Everest at 8,848 m, within a distance of 150 km resulting into dramatic climate changes from warm sub-tropical to cooler alpine temperature to arctic cold around high mountains with remorseless fields of ice and glaciers.

Nepal a country that occupies just only 0.03% of earth but blessed with 02 % of all world flowering plants; 08 % of world bird's population with more than 857 species; 04 % world mammals with 11 of world's 15 families of butterflies, more than 500 species; 600 indigenous plant families; 319 species of exotic orchids.

Nepal an interesting country with exotic natural scenery of high snow capped peaks, rolling green hills and verdant valleys with enchanting tropical and alpine woodland makes Nepal one of the most fascinating place on earth.

Nepal at a Glance:

nepal at a glance

Nepal with an area of 147, 181 sq. km, located in between China to the north with India in the South, where Kathmandu is the main commercial hub and a capital with more than 23 million populations.

Where Nepali is the national language, however travel-trade people understand and speak English and other foreign languages as well.

The Political System at present a Republic country with Multi- Party Democracy as for the seasons Nepal has four major seasons, (1) spring: Mid Feb to May (2) summer: June to August, (3) autumn /fall: September-November, (4) Winter: December-February and Nepal can be visited within whole year round.

Amazing to know that Nepal has more than 60 ethnic tribal groups and 70 native spoken languages one of the wonders of Nepal that makes you visit more special in Visit Nepal 2020 Year that makes you to come back for more interesting holiday and adventure.

What to expect in Visit Nepal 2020 Year:

visit nepal

Nepal with more than mountains and beautiful scenery to offer where one can visit country rural village spending your time with villagers interact and immerse with local culture and custom and staying in simple and basic Home Stay.

Other activities one can visit its religious and historical places where most of important monuments are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites where tour begins in Kathmandu visiting around places of great interest around important sites and landmarks of the country.

Besides cultural and scenic tour and treks where one enjoy the thrill rafting the Himalayan rivers fed from the glacier of high Himalayan mountains that takes you around Nepal low warm fertile areas around sub-tropical Terai belt, where deep green jungles located.

Enjoy great exciting time joining in Wild-Life or Jungle Safari riding on elephant backs on the lookout for wild animals the elusive and endangered Royal Bengal Tiger, One Horned Rhinoceros, four types of deer, 2 species of Crocodile with various animals includes more than 700 different species of bird life all in great comfort of nice jungle lodge and resorts with interesting jungle activities.    

Other exciting activities one can take daring Bunge Jumping, Sky Dive, Para-Gliding, Zip Flyer, Ultra Light flight in a small aircraft or take a kayaking float on wild and tame rivers of Nepal, one can also enjoy taking a Mountain Bike ride, one of the best way to observe Nepalese rural farm life paddling across the country on ups and down and single track for biking.

Nepal for all types of holidays from Yak and Yeti trails around high Himalaya to deep green jungle where Royal Bengal dwells with ever present of high towering peaks in the harmony of impressive traditional culture and+ age-old heritage and in the land of great colorful festivals that takes place all around the year.

Nepal a country where one can travel safe and sound and visiting villages where locals greets you with open wide smile that make visitors in great comfort and with homely feeling that makes Nepal an awesome country to visit more than once where you can start with Visit Nepal 2020 Year.  



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