Nepal is a landlocked country with 1471814 Sq. Km area. It has got three geographical regions: The Himalayan, middle hill and the plain land (Terai) regions. The Himalayan region is surrounded by the High...

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The Kingdom of Bhutan is famous for preserving its culture, architecture and natural resources, which remained in a mystery for a long time. The landlocked country spans 18,147 square miles, which is surrounded by...

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Tibet is located in the north east of the Himalayas in Asia, which is popular as the roof of the world. It is located in the higher elevation more than about 3800 meters. It...

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I did a customized 6 day trek with Bam and everything was fine. We had a great time, I could ask a lot & he explained me everything and we laughed a lot every day. I also had time every day to walk on...

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