Our trip listed grading for tour and treks as well for climbing are as follows either
Grade A (Leisure to moderate), Grade B as Moderate, Grade C Strenuous or Adventurous to Grade D which is Challenging and Tough, which Grade E as extreme challenging walks.

Grade A: listed mostly on tour and short walks and hike of leisure to moderate, where all age-group and interested people can join in.

Grade B: Moderate listed either for hike and short trekking of less than week duration where people should be in normal good physical shape and in sound health to join in this type of treks and hike.

Grade C: Strenuous or Adventurous: Where walk will be more of week duration involves high altitude above 3,000 m high with some steep climb for few hours and with long descend sometimes walking on snow-ice and glaciers.

For this type of trekking one should be well prepared taking light good exercise like walking-jogging, walk ups and down staircase, swimming or aerobic at least 2 week before your trek departure to Himalaya destinations.

Grade D: a Challenging and Tough walks involves high altitude walks including passes above 5,000 m walking on snow-ice and glaciers sometimes with cold weather to encounter.

Includes steep climb for hours and long descend, for this grade adventure one needs to be physically fit and in good health conditions with enough short exercise before booking on this type of adventure walks or climb.

Grade E: Extreme Adventure with challenging walks which is slightly more than Grade D as describe above with longer days of trekking hours either steep up and long descent.

To join in this types of Extreme Adventure with long hours walks to reach overnight destinations, much of trek, adventure and climb related to this Grade involves overnight in tents with full camping facilities.

Walking hours longer of more 6-8 hrs sometimes walking on chilly weather as well on snow-ice and glaciers in some sections of the treks, where all trekkers and adventurer requires good physical fitness and in sound medical health as well with positive attitude to tackle the challenge.

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