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Everybody knows that the Everest Base Camp Trek is an adventure requiring daily trekking. For six to eight hours, you must walk continuously. Therefore, most of us are concerned about concepts and information regarding daytime activity or walking. However, what about at night? It would help if you had a place to sleep the most after a long day of wandering through the rocky terrain and admiring the sparkling peaks. After all, an adventurous traveler looking for authentic Himalayan adventure also needs a restful night's sleep. As a result, finding a place to stay during the Everest Base Camp Trek is an essential consideration.

Additionally, the region's remoteness increases its significance because finding a place to stay can be difficult at high altitudes. Therefore, it is very sensible for every trekker to be aware of the available lodging options during the trek. Consequently, here is everything you need to know about the Everest Base Camp trek and the accommodations that come with it.

Everest Base Camp Food, Drinks, Shower, and WIFI Facility

One of the most thrilling treks in the world is the Everest Base Camp Trek. The Everest Base Camp Trek is a dream of a lot of enthusiastic trekkers all over the world. The trip or trek to Everest Base Camp is not as straightforward as one might expect. The trekkers travel or trek to Everest Base Camp, leaving behind friends and family. They must also adapt to or make concessions regarding the climate, food, language, culture, tradition, and way of life, among other aspects that differ from their home country. Your routine, diet, and day-to-day life will undoubtedly undergo adjustments when traveling to another country. On EBC Trails, the accommodations provided by the tea houses might not make you feel at ease. You might also find that the food served to you tastes strange. As a result, Explorer Adventure customizes the Everest Base Camp Trekking itinerary based on trekkers' suggestions to provide the best service.

Food on Everest Base Camp:

The Everest Base Camp Trek is a moderate to strenuous hike that depletes the body of nutrients and energy while also burning calories. Therefore, you must replenish your nutrition while trekking at higher altitudes by adhering to healthy routines and consuming fresh food. Food keeps the body's nutrients in check and gives trekking in the Himalayas its energy. Essential nutrients like carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals must be present in the food. However, some individuals have recently consumed food for flavor or as an appetizer. As a result, we respectfully request that trekkers consume food that supplies the body with energy.

You won't have to worry about food while trekking in the Everest Region. You can satisfy your appetite at the Everest Base Camp tea houses with the delectable and your favorite Everest Base Camp Food. International, continental, Nepali, and local Sherpa cuisine is served at the tea houses in Namche and Lukla, the Everest gateways. Additionally, the local tea houses serve hygienic, local food that supplies the body with essential nutrients. For healthy and clean meals, always adhere to the plan and the Everest Base Camp Food Guide. While trekking, the experts at Explorer Adventure recommend avoiding unhealthy foods like meat, dairy, coffee, and alcoholic beverages. Consuming meat and other dairy products are harmful because they take too long to digest and cause inflammation in the stomach. In addition, the Everest Region is a Buddhist territory, and killing animals there is a sin. Additionally, we would ask all trekkers to avoid eating non-vegetarian fare during the trek. Humans must safeguard the ecosystem and demonstrate love and respect for all living things.

Room Facility in Everest Region Trek

Since the Everest Base Camp Trek is so famous, many tea houses have opened along EBC Trails. The tea houses in the Everest Region provide superior services and amenities to lodges in significant cities. Most tea houses in the Everest Region have twin rooms or rooms with two beds each. The trekkers are required to share a room with others. However, you can request a single room during off-trailing seasons. The tea houses' rooms are small but clean, and you'll have access to every Facility.

Toilets/Bathroom Facility in EBC Trails

Nearly every tea house in the EBC Trails has a bathroom with a shower. Western flush toilets can be found in the lower elevation tea houses. However, some tea houses in the higher regions also have traditional squat toilets, western flush toilets, and traditional toilets with a manual flush. Most trekkers on the EBC Trek are unhappy with the restrooms due to their lack of familiarity with them. Toilet paper and air freshener are occasionally unavailable in the attached bathrooms. However, Explorer Adventure guarantees that the room will be furnished with contemporary flush toilets.

Shower Facility at Everest Region Trekking

After a tiring Everest Base Camp Trek at a high altitude, most trekkers prefer to shower to cleanse their bodies of sweat and feel refreshed. Gas or solar geysers have been installed in the tea houses along the EBC Trails to provide hot showers. You can also get hot bucket water heated by the fire in some tea houses. The majority of tea houses charge for hot showers. After a long, sweaty hike, you feel refreshed and relaxed when you shower. However, if your chilly body directly interacts with hot water at higher elevations, you risk hypothermia. As a result, our consultants advise our customers not to take a hot shower above 4,500 meters. Sponge wash, on the other hand, might be a better choice for getting rid of body dirt and sweat.

WI-FI and Electricity Facility During Everest Trek

Electricity is available in sufficient quantities in the tea houses in Lukla, Namche, Phakding, and Tengboche. Pheriche, Lobuche, and Gorakshep, on the other hand, provide solar power. Most tea houses along the trails lack power outlets in their rooms. You will need to pay a fee to charge your mobile phone or any other electronic device because there is a standard socket in the living room. There aren't many tea houses that let you charge in your room without paying. However, almost all tea houses at higher elevations charge an additional fee to charge your device. You can bring your portable solar charger while trekking in the Everest Region to avoid paying more. A power bank or extra batteries for your gadgets are also options. When you have to stand in line to get your electronics charged, relying on the charger at the tea houses can sometimes be a bad idea. When setting up tea houses, protecting your gadgets and accessories from theft or loss is essential.

Can I get Wi-Fi Facility During Everest Base Camp Trek?

Since the introduction of the Internet, life has changed. Even though we are far from our loved ones, we can easily connect with them via the Internet. A 3G or 4G NTC or N-Cell sim card can be purchased at the superstore Thamel while trekking in Nepal. It is simple to connect the 3G-4G sim card to Namche. However, the 3G-4G sim card may not function properly beyond that. On the Everest Base Camp Trek, you can easily access the Internet by purchasing a Wi-Fi card. The WIFI card can be easily obtained at Namche, and both the sim card and the WIFI card cost little or nothing.

Conclusion: What is the Facility that I get During Everest Trek?

Whether you're going on a trek or just traveling, your lodging is the essential thing to think about. Because the sun will eventually set wherever you are, and when it does, you'll want a place to rest your head. Yearly, many explorers come to Nepal to be on the foundation of the world's most noteworthy pinnacle, Mt. Everest. It's helpful to know what to expect, especially in terms of accommodations, before embarking on this thrilling journey. Throughout the Everest Base Camp trek, various tourist-friendly lodging options are available. The recreational and strenuous activity in the Himalayas is trekking. Walking continuously for six to eight hours during the Everest Base Camp trek is exhausting. Everyone longs for a warm bed and a hot shower after a long day of hiking.

A crucial aspect of the Everest Base Camp trek is finding suitable lodging. Your trek could suffer significantly if you don't see a comfortable place to stay. Due to the large number of trekkers during the peak trekking season, it is tough to find better lodging. Therefore, our number one recommendation is to reserve your accommodation as soon as possible if you plan a trek to Everest Base Camp during the peak trekking seasons

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